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Inspection Agency Service

Experience an effective witnessed inspection service for your castings.
The witnessed inspection through conventional inspection agencies is conducted in the document-oriented method rather than verification of actual products. If the actual product is not validated properly, the documents are not meaningful.

Starting with the Quality System Standard ISO9001, JUWON PMS has various verification capabilities related to the manufacture of castings, including reading ability of various casting specifications, heat treatment, welding, non-destructive testing, and dimensional inspection. Customers of JUWON PMS can save time and money through the inspection service provided by JUWON’s expert inspectors and receive the benefit of a professional validation system.

JUWON PMS has more than ten years of experience in product inspection and conducts physical product-oriented witnessed inspection away from the existing document-oriented inspection.

Inspectors of JUWON PMS have a full range of inspection capabilities, including product inspection, understanding of specifications, performance check, and document review. From appearance inspection to document review, our expert inspectors provide a professional witnessed inspection service.

  • Visual Inspection

  • Dimension Check

  • N.D.E

  • Mechanical Test

  • Document Review